Jul 1, 2012

Updates for the month of June

This is just a random updates on what i did during the month of June.
Besides locking myself inside my room,
doing projects and assignments,
i had a few enjoyable moments with my family and friend♥♥♥

Last day of May:
Thanks to Seveenteen and United International Pictures,
im very happy to catch the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman.

*Opps :x
im not supposed to snap

It's a very nice movie and i can say that this is a very different plot verses the original fairy tale ending.
Instead of having both the prince and princess living happily ever after,
Snow White and the Huntsman have a different ending.
Snow White got back her dad's land and was named the Queen of her country.
But, the movie didnt show who she ended uo with; not her childhood lover nor the huntsman.
The Director, Rupert Sanders, gave Kristen Stewart a challenge;
he filmed the other side of Kristen Stewart.
Instead of the fallen-in-love and daring Bella Swan, she has to show her courageous side of Snow White.

I thought that Snow White was a polite and well-mannered girl which we wont think that she would actually have another side of her.
A strong, courageous girl who holds a mission to save her dad's land from the evil Queen/Step-mother of hers.

Last week of June;
One of my friend recommended a brand new bubble tea called ChaTime.
It's original from Taiwan and they imported pure Green Tea from Taiwan, too.



Last Wednesday, i went to its outlet at AMK Jubilee
Once you stepped in to the store,
you'll be welcomed with the aroma of pure green tea.

You can played Monopoly or other card games while you're enjoying your cup of tea(;

ChaTime's Recommendations of drink.

The list of drinks that provide.

The drink that i got myself is Brown Rice Green Milk Tea.
It tastes heavenly and affordable too

Do you know why??
Currently there are having promotion for ALL students including NYPians

All you have to do is to flash your student card/admin card to enjoy the promotion(x

Very tempted to get a drink RIGHT NOW??
Here's their amk outlet

Their HQ is located at #01-07 Novena Square
You can check out their individual FB page:
ChaTime Novena Square
ChaTime AMK

i also went to try out Mcd's latest Fraqque in Caramel

Not sure if it's because of my tastebud for that day or something
but, seriously, their fraqque is too sweet for me to handle.

I know it sounds crazy but after i finished the drink,
i gulped down a 500ml of plain water, straight away.

No offense to Mcd but this is just my point of view.

On Father's Day,
my entire family went to Changi's T2 Swensens to celebrate this occasion.
My second sister and i treated my dad and while waiting for our food,
we took pictures to remember this special day(;

My cheeky brother and my mum

One of my phone's app from Android
Fisheye function

A family of 3

Sadly we didn managed to take a family picture cause both of my sisters dont wanna took pictures together so instead of a family of 6, on that night its a family of 4

That's all i had for the month of June
Today is the first day of July,
i wished everyone to have an enjoyable month and have lots of surprises coming up for you♥♥♥

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