Jun 9, 2012

Hair Cut @ GC Salon

Hi readers,
been a hectic week for me with 3tests and one mid-term presentation.
Last week was SDL week (Self-Directed Learning) as it's the graduation week
and i kept complaining to every lectures/tutors that taught me, saying;
'Seriously, week6 should not be SDL week. So unneccessary. A waste of time.'
If it's a 'close' lecture/tutor to me, i said and asked 'Why is week6 known as SDL week? Is it that they wannt let us suffer from all the tests and presentation when it's all push back to week7 ??' (and also the unneccessary part)

Should stop all these ranting.
Since week7 is over shall share with you guys a brand new experience i had for my entire life.

For a girl, your asset should be your face, hair, body and looks right ??!!
To me, i only care about my face.
I have been prone to acne and oily skin since i was 12.
So have been focusing more on how to maintain and look youthful.

But, until i won a voucher through a FB liked&shared contest,
i've changed my focus NO, should be i've add in another to focus on:
If you did, follow my twitter: i actually twiiter a lot of the place.
If you havent, follow me on my twitter(:
(*Note: i private my twitter due to some ...)

Head over to Somerset MRT station,
got out of Somerset 313,
cross over to my final destination MidPoint Orchard.

I seldom heard people talking about this buliding
cause its neither a shopping centre nor a place where most teens would patronize.
Got in, and go all the way to L4, turn two turns of left and i finally got to this place called GC Salon.

'THE ART OF BEAUTY is what we, at GC Salon, specialise in.'
Yes, they are the creators behind every effort made on to their customer's hair.
As in, getting a beautiful locks or a magnificent strong hair.
The aim to create the unbelieveable and impossible looks at an affordable rate.
'You also walk away with homecare knowledge that we share with our customers so you can manage and maintain that look we have created for you.', arent they thoughtful to their customers (x

The services they provide includes hair-cutting, colouring, rebonding, perming, treatment and hair growth scalp treatment.
Here's the price:

I got to know this salon through a FB contest and i won their voucher
so i thought, 'why not let my hair to have a rest'

When i stepped in to the salon,
i really fall in love with the ambience.
The salon gives me a comforting and cosy feeling, it feels like it's my second home.
You can feel that kind of connection that you're actually the owner of the salon instead of just a normal customer

I was greeted by their director, Mr Gill, with a warm smile.
And he advised me on a hair treatment which suits my needs to cure and treat my hair.
I was attended by one of their hair stylist, Charlotle (jiejie) xP

During my entire hair treatment,
Gill and Charlotle will take the inititaive to have a chat with me so that i wont feel bored nor fatigued.
One of their special service, which i may not experience in some salon which i've visited, is they would ask, 'What would you like to have a drink?'
YES, and it's FOC (i assumed)

The list of drinks they offered.

I got myself Honey Tea, recommended by Gill.
Its pure honey, where there's a cube of the beehive-shaped honey, let it melt together with water and stir well.
It's not very sweet but i like it as it's pure honey(;

Before i start my treatment,
camwhore with my long and untidy, messy hair (which i still missed it now and then)

Time to start my hair treatment.
First, they help me to neutralize and cure my scalp.
As some may not know, whenever you washed your hair with shampoo and/or conditioner, some of the chemical will still remain in between the scalp even if you clean/wash with water throughly.
For this step, the chemical will help to neutralize all the remains which is left behind and cure it.

Next is treat it.
They used natural ingredients and 'brewed' it into the chemical.
From what i know, is this treatment helps to prevent hair loss and gives your hair that natural shine.

Lastly, is my hair cut.
I told Charlotle (jiejie) that i want to cut a shoulder-length bob.
Something like Ashley Greene or Jessica Alba bob hairstyle

Here's the end 'product' xP

A lot of difference from my previous 'long' and messy hair

Lots of different right ??!!

Beside giving hair service,
they also provide Medi also known as nail service

The price range

One of their creation

Here are some of the comments from their enlighted customers(;

(Sorry if you cant view it, have tried my best to enlarge it but fail): )

If you have any enquiry, you can contact them here

What i like from their web service is they provide online booking,
what's more you get to enjoy $20 off from your total bill(;
Isn't it GREAT ??!!

(Click on the picture to go to their online booking page)

Here is their current on-going promotion:

(February promotion is no longer valid)

If you're one of their satisfied customer,
why not be part of their members ??!!

What do you get if you're one of their members ??!!
- 20% discount on all services (except wash-and-blow)
- Birthday Privilege of a one-time 50% discount in birthday month.
- Family members above 60 years old get to enjoy a discount of 60%
- Home service (Call for enquiry)
- Free SPA wash and blow service once-a-month
- Monthly update on promotions

Wanna get more of their latest updates ??!!

Check out their FB Page and be their 'Fan'(;

GC Salon
220 Orchard Road,
Midpoint Orchard #04-13
Singapore 238852

Operating Hours:
11am - 9pm (Monday - Friday)
11am - 8pm (Saturday)
11am - 6pm (Sunday)
Closed on Monday

You can contact them at 6733 3417(;

That's the end
Stay happy and enjoy your holidays(;


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