Apr 7, 2012

Review: 我的心机 Mask

This isn't the first mask i have reviewed,
the first was SexyLook Hello Kitty Mask in Cherry Blossom Duo Purifying and Lifting Mask
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Today, i'm going to do a review on a Taiwan mask which has been quite popular in the recent market.
It's called 我的心机, also known as My Scheming.

It comes in quite a varitey of masks but i got myself in Herbal Anti-Acne Mask.
Have been staying up late since it's still hoilday for me,
not like some of my friends who have started on fypj or attachment,
thus i have a few pimple popping out and some pimple cream/gel (that i owned) doesn't seems to cure it.

When, recently, there's Robinsons' Expo Fair in Expo Hall4
and i saw this mask which cost $12/box for 10pcs.

According to the description, it state that the mask contains orris and green tea extracts which can balance oil secretion and relieve youth oily skin problems. Allantoin, Hamamelis and Chamomile extracts in the mask can relieve skin problems, reduce inflammation and pores, moisturize skin, improve skin quality and prevent an allergic reaction.

More pictures on the mask:

The mask has a different kind of storage way when it's within the packet.
I got it in the newest edition whereby the mask is sealed with the essence + the mask + pearl paper.
The pearl paper looks special to me as it has small little holes which helps to lock the essence into the mask.
This way, it will allow the essence to be able to quickly get absorbed into our skin.

I guess that they may have did a lot of research to work on the pearl paper & also, their mask.
The mask is soooooooooo transparent as though you're going to put on a piece of pearl onto your face.
Seriously speaking, at first i thought the mask is very thin, from the looks of it
But, i'm wrong.
It has the same texture and thickness as the rest of the mask.
When i first opened it, the mask has a nice pleasant scent

I was thinking, do i have to place the pearl paper, together with the mask, onto my face ??!!
But the instruction indicate to peel it off.
I wonder if the essence will be absorbed even faster if i do place together with the pearl paper ??!!
Hmmm, what do you guys think ??

How 'thin' the mask look like:

It's so 'thin' that i can even spot my pimple *WOAH!!!
After putting it on for 20mins,
and patting the remaining essence on my face,
my skin felt smooth and bright.
My skin also absorbs my eye cream & other skincare products rapidly as before.

I do recommend girls who wish to minimize pimple.
But, as compared to SexyLook Hello Kitty Mask, i will definitely recommend to girls who wish to minimize and reduce pimple overnight.
After using the My Scheming mask, my pimple has improved but my pimple is still visible and red.
But, as compared to SexyLook Hello Kitty mask, my pimple has definitely minimized and less visible.

Here's wishing all a Happy Advance Easter Day♥

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