Apr 11, 2012

面对面 - Just Noodles

After a long hiatus, i'm back to give you my review on Just Noodles(:
*Note: All are my personal review and some are quotes from the show itself or from I-Weekly

A brief introduction on today's topic: Lor Mee 卤面
Actual speech from the show:

Are you ready for yummy reviews ??
First stop is located at Blk 38 Beo Crescent Market #01-84, 顺兴卤面

It's the cheapest out of all the stalls they have tried, with a cost of $2/bowl, you cant stop wanting for more.

When i first got there, the queue wasn't that long then i've expected.
What i like most about it is that the taste of the lor mee is somewhat similar to the one i had adored, located at Serangoon North, when i was a child.
A thumb-ups benefit of this stall is the ingredients, the stall owner is not afraid of rewarding their customers when lots of fried meat.
Why i say is somewhat similar is because of it's sauce/soup, not sure what you call it.

Operating hours: 7.30am - 8pm, Closed on Monday

The last stop is located at Blk 91 Whampoa Drive #01-22

I'm not sure what's it called nor do i know there're operating hours
as i was supposed to go over to try banmian but instead the lor mee caught my eye
thus, i gave it a try.

The stall didnt disappoint me, the sauce/soup is really nice
When you add in vinegar and minced garlic, it's heavenly nice
As compared to 顺兴卤面, the ingendients wasn't that generous but both have the quality to serve a bowl of appetizing lor mee.

Hope that the reviews are of a help to you
Sorry that i only review on 2stalls instead of the usual 3stalls.

Stay tune to more upcoming Just Noodles Review(x

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