Jun 12, 2011

Hi fellow readers,
im back to bloggin(x
Lets leave all the greeting get straight to blogging(X

So for the past few weeks have been a stressful weeks
but i manage to pull through which is a good thing for me(:

I managed to catch 2 movies during my hectic study period.

All thanks to Nuffnang, i went to catch The Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at Shaw Lido on the 16th of May.

When i got to Shaw Lido,
i was greeted with free ice-cream from Gelatissimo and a few girls promoting for Canon's cameras.

The whole area was packed with businessmen/business women with their partners or working partners.

Some of the cinema's crew said that they saw Mark Lee.
While, i can said that i saw Wendy who is as known as Xiaxue, a famous Singaproe Blogger.

You might be thinking how come there's celebrities ??
Answer is:

I didn managed to capture the scene as the places were very packed
&, also, there's something wrong with my phone's camera.
The surroundings of the theatre was full of flower stands by companys congrating the grand opening of Shaw Lido.

When i got the tickets,
went for dinner with my sister.

When we got back to the cinema,
the veune was rather empty so we went over to our veunes & waited patiently for the movie to start.

Overall, its worth to watch it.
My favourite part of movie is when a mermaid and a priest fall in love with each other
& Syrena(mermaid) saved the priest life(forgot his name) as he was hurt by the Spainish troops who wanted to destroy the Fountain of Youth.

I rate: 4.5/5
As some scenes were quite boring.

Last Friday, went to catch The XMEN: First Class.
I really have to say its such a disappointment.
Erik and Charles (known as Magneto and Professor X) didnt asked Logan (Wolverine) in to thier team.
Ok, they DID asked but Logan replied 'F*** Off'.
So, that's the only part.

Now, i understand why Magneto felt upset over the death of Professor X
as they were once brothers.
I cant believe they actually split up to form into their own groups.
In First Class, beside Professor X and Magneto,
the ones i recognised are Hank McCoy who is known as Beast, Raven who is known as Mystique.
The rest, i don even know.

I rate: 3.5/5
Overall its cool with lots of action,
but there isnt any excitement.
& at the end Charles said in pain 'I cant feel my legs'
4times, as told by my friend.

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