May 29, 2011

Finally get to have the chance to update a post containing all my past events with pictures.

Last go back to a month ago which is April.
Still remembered back then im working at DYO located in Clarke Quay, Liang Court.

These are my favourite colors
The last 2 colors, starting from the left, are the most popular colors
I forgot the what's the name for the blue ones, and grey(:

My own customised embroidery with my name
Like it(x

You know what a girl can do when they're bored, right ???
Camwhore xP
Thus picture is taken when im working alone & im supper dupper bored.
Luckily i've served 3customers(x
Next is celebrating my sister's birthday.
Went over to Changi Airport T2's Swensons for dinner
& so far, Changi Airport T2 Swensons is my favourite among all the outlet in Singaproe(:

My parents & my sister

3 sisters.
I prefer the 2nd pic, what bout you ?
Next, i happen to spot an interesting quote from a chinese clinic.


Next is my last day of working in DYO
Took a lot of pictures with Connie's Geek Specs

Connie said i look like a professional teacher/professor after wearing the specs.
What do u think ?
& i also read Connie's favourite book.
Not sure what's the title but i did capture a few lines which i find it rather meaningful to ourselves when we've a breakup with either your bf/gf.


last wednesday i've helped out with SIT Graduation 2011
It was super bored after the crowds went in to the auditorium.
All for us chat around, some played games throught their phone
(so do i xP)
At first, it was quite messy as this is our first time helping out in the Graduation, to most of us.
Ohh& our role is usher.
Didn manage to take picture while wearing NYP's blazar.
But i did take a pic of the crowds xP

Shall have a break for now,
need to go & do my projects.
Dateline is either this coming week or next week before term break.

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