Jun 26, 2011

Never know term break is coming to an end.
Which means, new term = new life = new challenges.

That's what i've learnt during my 1 and 1/2year poly life.
Lifewise, i can say "Let the past be blown with the wind and never come back.
What's more important, is what's lay in front of me - the future, not the past."

Seems like my life has made a 90degree changed.
I've never had 'consulation' with anyone at all, i guess.
But after reading a book, i've never that actually you can live your life in another way.
In the book, it states that 'Ambitious people, with their eye on the prize instead of the task at hand. People who wanted to be the best for all the wrong reasons and who'd take almost any path to get to that palce. Being the best was as equal as being in the middle, which was as equal as being the worst. All were merely a state of being. It was how a person felt in that state and why thay were in that state that was the important thing.'

After reading through again and again, i asked myself 'What's so important of obtaining a DList cert than studying whole-heartedly for a diploma that could bring me up to obtain a degree or a master.'
And what's more important is to see life as a picture.
If your picture is dull, means your life is too plain and you never get to see the change of the world.
But, if your picture is full of colours, means that your life has experienced a lot of colourful things - be it to gain an experience or to develop a knowlegde. Everything will never comes to an end if you contiune to colour the picture as colourful as you can imagine.

Recently, i came across a picture.
or should i say, an image which explains what's life like.

In life, there's nothing ever better than replacing a moody face with a 'SMILE'.
Here's a 'reward' in the beginning of a new life for me(:
A new hair cut to start a new term.

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