Mar 18, 2010

Yea,,, my dad is changing to a new car.
Reason very simple :
some may think it's because of my little brother but the real reason is......
*drums beatin....

Our usual car is too old & if still want the usual ones,
we got to pay an extra sum to change its engine & etc.
As, if im not mistaken, our usaul ones is with us for @ least 8years, or was it 10 ??!!

Anyway, so,
my parents were thinking of changing it to a new one.
& they chose a Subaru car.
I was thinking, what's so special about the Subaru car that caught my parents attention
& decided to get it ??
Im not a professional in anything related to car...
Not like my dad xP

Went to view the car with my parents @ Alexandar Road, quite far away from my place but it's near my mum's workplace.
Went to Volvo first as my mum likes one of the car, which im not sure what's the name of that car.
It has a very comfortable seats both the back & the front seats, & its very spacious
which means who can actually fit around 5-6 people, provided that we're slim enough to 'squeezed' in xP

After which,
went over to Subaru to choose either the 1.5L or 2.0L Subaru car.
& my dad even got hte chance to test the driving experience of the car.
The only difference between our usual car & the Subaru car is that, Subaru can change into either auto drive or maunal drive.
The 'left-right' switch handle is on the left side instead of the right side.
&there is a temperature, clock & petrol consumption label @ the top middle position of the car.
But one of the disadvantage, for us, is there's lots of button.
As we've got a little bro, who is 19months old, this month, likes to touch or press anything which can be found @ the front seat.
So, my mum& me are trying to 'ban' him from the front seat after we got the new car.
But i think its a difficult decision...


For girls/ ladies out there...
If the Lanegie sample giveaway has a good start...
I may ask for more xD
If i can....

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