Mar 16, 2010

Back from tamp.

Early in the morning, woke up @ 7am as my dental appointment @ 8.30am.
which is the first person of the day...

Reach NDC @ 8.29am, same as my previous visit xP
Finished everything by 9.15am.
Messaged qin to tell her i've just finished my appointment, asked if she's awoke...
but i already knew the answer...

So, sat outside NDC till 10plus,
after which walked over to take e train to tamp.
Reached tamp @ 10plus almost 11am.

Walked to cs for my breakfast cum lunch.
Had korean noodle which i always ordered when i went over cs to eat [:
that's my favourite for e past...hmm....
4/5/6 years ?????????!!!!!!!!!!
not sure @ all...
then qin called @ 11.20plus,
which i knew she just woke up from her 'beauty sleep'.
can verified it through her voice xP

Walked around Wastons' & Guardian to check the price for 'My Beauty Diary Mask'
In conclusion, if you really want to purchase 'My Beauty Diary Mask', go over to Guardian as it cost $14.95 per box (10p/c per box)
while Wastons sold @ $15.90 per box (10 p/c per box), usual price @ $20.90 per box.
But there's a new eye mask from 'My Beauty Diary Mask' which is not yet sold through the internet.
It's the Intensive Refining Eye Mask which cost $18.90 per box (7 p/c per box) when usual price is $23.90, only available @ Wastons.
From what i remember from the box is that it helps to moisture your skin & reduce your dark eye circle.
I didnt went to purchase as there's another eye mask from Japan which cost $14.90 per box (12 p/c per box)
cheaper than "My Baeuty Diary Mask'.
I just bought it so, not sure if its good [:

Through these,
we can conclude that both Wastons & Guardian are 'fighting/challenging' against each other to win over the customer.
But if you asked me which is better,,,
i'd say both...
As i cant really picked out its 'negative' things.

Not suew when does the promotion ends till,
as i just saw it...
But Wastons offer ends till tomorrow, some till 24mar xP

After which,
companied qin for her lunch @ Mac.
& its so damn difficult to 'source' for a seat...
Some were readin newspaper, but they did purchase a few fries & etc.
some, taught kids with their homework, which can be done @ home please....
some, well, just like us,,,
while you're eatin your meal, @ the same time, talkin, chit-chattin, laughin, gossipin...
which is what most of 'us' will do when you found a seat,
ordered your meals & chat till you finished your meals.
Agree right ???

So, qin 'shared' with her experience studyin in nyp...
& also considering to purchase concession card instead of the usual ex-link card
as its damn affordable if i travelled thro&from school back home...
She said one trip back home cost her around $2, so for 1 day trip,
will used up $4...
1 whole week, exclude weekends, $20
1 month, $80...
But if i purchased concession card,
it saves me $30 as concession cost $50...
Seriously it saves me $30...
&$30 can really let me spend on food& something else......
So, considering to ask daddy, IF it really is 'that' affordable [:


Ever heard of a korean makeup&skincare brand Laneige ??
If yes,
here's your chance to win a sample pack for
- Power Essential Skin Refiner_EX [rated as best seller] (1)
- Ultra-Hydro Essence (2)

You should be wondering if i'm legal,
but i DID ask the sales person & they approved.

So, here's the detail for winning:
- just write 'Laneige Sample'.
- send it with your name, email, prefered item & contact no. to

I will choose @ random [:
Isn't it easy ?
Send your entries now.
Closing date is this sunday, 21mar @ 11.59pm sharp.

For more details, visit Laneige website.

Edit-ed on 18mar
More details on both sample products.

Ultra-Hydro essence is suitable for all skin types, especiallly dry & aging skin.
It helps to upgrade moisturizing effects and instantly quenches dehydrated skin, providing long lasting moisture and firmness to skin.
Aging skin will stand to gain from its dual effects of firming and hydrating.

Ultra-Hydro essence - 5ml (sample size)

Power Essential Skin Refiner is suitable for normal, combination to dry skin.
It helps to regulate the skin renewal rate and allows moisture and vital nutrients to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin.

& it comes in a very nice packaging.

Quite a cute sample pack [:
& i only have 1 for the skin refiner.
Actually, skin refiner is also known as a toner after using your cleanser
& i recommend using Fresh Cleansing Foam before using the power essential skin refiner.
All the products, which i named, can be found @ its Laneige store either in BHG, Isetan or Robinsons (which is what i know so far, but if you know of any place which is not stated, do feel free to tell me [: )
I recommend Isetan Orchard @ Wisma Atria as most of the items @ the online Laneige portal can be found there.

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