Dec 22, 2008

Went to watch 'twilight'.
E show is dame cool&nice xD
Especially those pair of eyes tt edward(main actor) ave.
Shd ave watch it earlier =]
Mayb shd buy e same type of colours(contact lens) he wore.
So cool xP
I watch wif jie,shuang,qin,hanwei & ziying.
Make a lot of noise while we're @ 'ZINC'.
& met 2 grps of ppl askin whether we wan to join in e countdown party.
So lame.
& derhs dis 1 grp follow us fr 3rd floor to e 1st floor.
Tts all,plannin tmr go orchard c & take fotos of e lightins wif my sis (:
Mayb askin him to come along too,
Same time,treat mi as he own mi 1 xP

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