Dec 18, 2008

Juz gotten my n lvl resluts.
Huh,glad to say i pass & gt promoted to sec5.

But i felt lousy & happi on sm sub.
Esp. my math & sci,i din get a1.
Cuz of dis,mi stephaiai & sabdajie cried :(
Sabdajie cried oso cuz of her chi,din score well too but she gt promoted too (:
Im happi for my eng & poa (:
Din expect tt my eng cn get 4 & poa a 3 (:
When e slide flash out e sub tt ave 100% passes,
E 1st listed is "ENG" & i was overjoyed wif tears.
& e principal say tt dis is e 1st we gt 100% passes for eng xD
& lots more sub gt 100% passes like math,comb sci(phy/chem) & (phy/bio),f&n & MT.
We oso ave did well for e % dist.
Gt a lot above national average,100% passes too.
Resluts time...
I score 8pts
Sabdajie score 7/8pts
Stephaiai score 7/8pts
Elainemami score 10pts(juz nice to get promoted xP )
Ydkor score 7pts
Kengpeng score 6/7pts
Ron score 6pts
Zhaohui score 10pts
Heard diana score 6pts
Melvin score 6/7pts
Nt forgettin our "top scorers" (:
Derh is a total of 5 fr my class for e N(A) stream
& 3 for e N(T) stream.
1st is SAMSON wif a score of 5A1 & 1A2(3pts)
2nd is SHABEER wif a score of 4A1 & 2A2 (if nt mistaken)
3rd is AIN wif a score (thin) same as shabeer (:
4th is fazil (forgot le xP)
5th is sean (forgot le xP)
Tts all for e resluts ting.

End of chapter for dis year

Startin a new for nxt year o lvl (: (karmatei)

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