Dec 15, 2008

I change my fone le.
Been waitin for quite smtime le.
Change my fone to sony ericsson W595.
E fone is quite cool & nice too.
Rite nw even hanwei oso wan my fone le.
Piggy too xP
Went shoppin juz nw.
Wif mami,piggy,ahzhen,hanwei & luv yu(4 yi).
Bought 2 pair of pants & 1 for piggy.
Actually we gng to e library thn after tt went tm as smone is hungry (x
Went window-shopping for bout 2hr plus.
Hahax,quite worth it cuz was thinkin of gng to mango but e pricin was too x,
so i gave up.
Instead,went to PepperPlus to shop.
E adults say gt offer & e clothin r nice too....
Hahax,nw e prob is wat present shd 'we' buy for ahjie...
Countdown in 2daes time...

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