Dec 31, 2008

Another 46mis,it'll b 2oo9 & nt 2oo8.

Firstly,sayin bye to 2oo8,
Dis yr ave been a happi,enjoyable,unhappi,tough & fun yr.
Lets put all all e sadness part & welcome a new yr full of happiness & n sadness.

I thin nt much to say...

I thin i gt a few tings to say to sm ppl...
1st,to him...
i noe tt @ 1st yu cnt accept it,
but e truth is...
dis is my decision.
im happi for yu tt yu ave finish o lvl but after tt,
yu shd b enjoyin ur relaxin mins,hrs,days,mths.
but,i destory it wif my words & gift...

i noe how yu feel but,
i've thot for it for few mths...
& dis is my final decision i've made...
hope yu reali accept e truth (:

i accpet 'those words' tt yu've said in our last conversation
but wat i'd like to tel yu is tt 'those words' r juz words
& yu'll forget it after a few days,mths...
i've heard 'those words' for 3 times & yu're e 3rd one...
lastly i'd like to say is "start afresh & forget mi"
i'll tk yu if yu did (:

Nxt to my GalFrenZ, esp. her...
tks for those happi moments yu've given to mi.
i accepted whole-heartedly...

i cn still rmb those days we've been tgt.
slackin @ e playground (:

& do yu still rmb tt our last promise is;
buyin tt big pencils we've found @ artbox...
actually i was thinkin of buyin for ur b'dae present.
but scared don ave 诚意,
so i gave up & bought a bag for yu (:

i even keep e paper plates,
juz to refresh back those memories we've been tgt...
jiaxintangmei too......

i hope to stay in contact wif yu
even though yu're nt gng to sec5...
but i reali hope i cn keep in contact wif yu & elainemami....

Nxt is to both him, (him (1) & him (2))
tks for ur ears when i was down.
im v happi tt both of yu cn be derh,
even though smtime yu're v busy wif ur work...
but yu still decide to keep on listenin to my words...

tks lots (:
love both of yu v much (:
(as in frenz & meimei Cx)
& don forget my 'treats'....

Nxt is;;;;;;;;;;;;
Happi belated christmas to all
9 (:

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