Jul 28, 2012

Advertorial - LOM

Hi readers,
i really have lots and lots of delayed posts i've yet to share with you due to my studies.
But i REALLY promised you that i will try my VERY BEST to post all ASAP(:

First, here's something to share with you guys on a very Brand New Online Blogshop who is hitting the market making their first debut this week.
*Drum Rollls*

Look of the Moment

LOM is very special blogshpop.
They work in an unique and different way of mendering their portal, as compared to other blogshops.
That's because they've come up with a "New Shopping Concept".
That is:
    Releasing/Selling an item at a time. And will only release new item once a week or when the item has sold out.

Arent they thoughtful of coming up with this idea ??
Furhtermore, all items that they'rere selling/about to sell are hand picked by them, if they don't like it, you won't even get to see them in their blogshop!
Therefore, you can reallt 100% trust them with the design.

My opinion on their shopping concept:
    Rather rare and exclusive idea. Right now, we dont have to worry about choosing what to buy. Also, it helps to control and keep within our spending budget and time in choosing which outfit to purchase on when you're always spoilt for choices and indecisive on which to buy.

Here's they're design-of-the-week:

Double-wear colorful striped oversized top
A versatile piece, tie it up for the cropped look at the beach or just tuck it in for casual outings.
Definitely a PREFECT for Singapore's current weather.
Fret not, the material is light-weighted and, made out of Chiffon and slightly sheer as well.
Its free size so it definitely suits all without having to take out a measuring tape and measure yourself with the measurement provided. (So troublesome!)

Hey readers,
that's not the end of my post.
They have FABULOUS DEALS exclusively for MY readers(x (isnt it sweet.)
All you have to do is to quote 'beurself-ahqi' to be entitled to free normal postage.

I have done my part, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

Start shopping at LOM NOW!!!


*FYI,If you're wondering who's the pretty model, it's blogger EIJGNIY :)

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