Mar 8, 2012

Advertorial -

Have you ever came across a blogshop which sells clothes at an affordable of between $20 - $28 ??
Yes, <$30

Here's one which i'm going to introduce to you

An overall view of their latest collection:

I'm gonng split into 3categories on their latest collection:
  • Reversible

  • Checkered/Polka Dots

  • Lace/Knit

  • Are you egggg-citted to know more about the categories ??
    Here We Go!!!

    Welcome, Ladies and Teenage Girls,
    to the new 'SHOW' of the day.
    Introducing not 1, not 2 BUT 3 different categories of clothing proudly presented by SHOPTHELUST

    First category is: Reversible
    When the word came to your mind,
    what will you be thinking of for a piece of clothing ??!!
    To me, personally, i've seen reversible dress and top but never would i expect to see a different piece from ShopTheLust - a reversible jacket/blazar

    It comes in 2colors - blue/white and red/black
    I personally love blue out of the color family.

    The main highlight of this piece is that it fits all different sizes = free size
    Its able to fit UK6-8 and its proudly self-maunfactured by ShopTheLust!
    What's More it costs $23.50 - isn't is a great deal ??!!

    You can wear it out for a simple shopping, work, to school or even on your special day/date!

    Coming up to the 2nd category,
    it's the: Checkered/Polka Dots
    I know in since 2010, Polka Dots and Checkered have been popluar not only among the teenagers but also to some of the OLs and kids.
    ShopTheLust grab hold of the trend and came out with 2different designs of Checkered Top and 2different designs of Polka Dots.

    I'm a fan of checkered top as the trend will never subside.
    The following items are of different types/sizes of checkered designs.

    1st pic - red/blue
    2nd pic - dark

    If you like broad and 'huge' size of checkered type,
    then, you may definitely fall in love with this red/blue checkered top.
    It comes to 2colors - red/blue and dark checkered top
    This piece cost $24.90/each

    If you dont like 'huge' size's checkered,
    then, probably you may adore 'mini' size.

    I personally adore this piece(:
    It comes in 2colors - red and blue
    When i srcoll through ShopTheLust's website, i immediately fall in love with its colorful and fanciful colored buttons - isn't it cute(x
    It cost $24.50, 40cents cheaper than the 'huge' size checkered top.

    I guess, you guys might not be paying attention to my lengthy introduction on checkered top cause most girls/ladies are A FAN OF POLKA DOTS right ??!!

    A very simple yellow polka dot top.
    SO MANY ladies/girls are OVER with this piece that there's only 1 LAST PIECE LEFT
    And it only cost $20 - the cheapest piece of the collection.
    I guess there MAY a backorder if it's overwhelmed with customers' requests.

    Finally, our last category of the day: Lace/Knit
    Laced and knit have been a popular clothing not only in Singapore but the WHOLEWORLD.
    I have seen magazines and tv shows wearing/reviewing on lace/knit items.

    Coming over to the lace piece,
    there's a varitey of designs in their latest collection but im gonna introduced Tangerine/black laced collar top

    Reason being i adored long slevee top and the material MUST BE light,
    so that it's suitable to wear it if i'm outdoor throughout the day.

    This piece is make up of Lux Material.
    I have do a bit of research on Dri Lux:
    - is a soft and comfortable fabric that helps keep the body dry
    - is comfortable in many environments and may be especially wearable where it is hot and humid
    - dry quickly and resist odor

    Laced collar top comes in 2colors - tangerine and white
    And it's definitely a great bargain, costing $25.
    I'm so gonna get this piece(x

    Last but not least: Introducing Knit Family
    There's 2items under this family: Knit-ripped cardigan, Heart knit pullover and knit pullover - white and brown

    Brown knit pullover.

    I personally love pullover as it's easily matched with a basic tanktop and pair of sandals - off i go to the beach or a simple getaway during the relaxing weekends.

    Till now,
    are you tempted to head over to grab all these lovely designs ??
    If you are, here's a way to receive Free Normal Postage with any purchases made.
    All you have to do is to Like their FB page.
    And quote 'Ahqi' when you're making your payment.

    Simple as ABC(x

    That's NOT ALL - you can win yourself $10credit voucher.
    1. Like their FB page
    2. Like and Share their latest collection
    3. Comment on the album itself.

    Results will be released on 10th March, Do Wait Patiently(x

    Good Luck Everyone♥

    *Pic credit to ShopTheLust


    1. Apparently , ALL the blogshops are selling their apparels at this range of affordable price . LOLOLOL .

    2. Just a little catchy caption xD
      But, thanks for the info
      Will keep a look out next time(x


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