Aug 18, 2011

Yeah, im back.
As stated in my previous post,
i have a hectic week for the next 2weeks.

Why ?
Cause its the peak period for exams.
So, if you spot a lot of places like cafes, libraries, Mac or any area which is a good spot for studying
Dont feel frustrated cause you dont to have a place/space to sit
but think that if you're in their shoes,
you wont feel angry.

Currently is the Highest Period for all 5polys, i guess
So, O level student, just bear with us till Sept
from then, the space will be left for you(x

Lets sort out what i've did for the past 2weeks.
6-7Aug -> away for a 2D1N Batam trip.
8Aug -> IADP Presentation
9Aug -> Happy National Day(x

11Aug -> Study in NLB
12Aug -> ITSM Revison Lecture
14Aug -> Catch Cars 2 in The Cathay, Handy Road

Will get the Batam photos asap, so do bear with me(:

On 30July,
have attended a school's event called HeartzOut.
HeartzOut is basically an event where we served the community whole-heartedly.
The event is held at JurongVille Secondary, a 10mins walk from Boon Lay Station.
The whole day event was memorable, especially when you have to look after 5-6kids in a group.
Thanks to ICE³ (pronouce as Ice Cude) for sponsoring us Ice-Cream.
I personally like the Caramel and Chocolate.

Had a great time with the kids from Loving Hearts♥

My Group members & the kids, Pegasus.

Not forgetting our SIT Excos♥

After the event, went over to have dinner with all planners A Pizza Hut.
Seriously, that day, 30July,
was the most epic day i ever had.

Raniel & 'gang' were so bored that they started singing "Happy Birthday" song to David, President of SIT Club, we followed the flow.
What's the most unbelieveable thing was,
a malay guy came over to sing in malay version,
cause we sang both english & chinese version.
Suddenly, the entire Mulism customers, in Pizza Hut, sang along.

There's a guy who took a video of the whole scene.
Seriously, if you see me on Stomp or whenever,
dont let me cause on that day,
i feel that my skin is thick, not me but everyone in our group.
&i didn expect such a coincidence happen

From the top, beef lasagne - weizhi, curry zazzle - anzhi, beef lasagne - jacob, curry zazzle - me.

Here's what i've spotted in JurongVille Sec

Seems to me like their school motto or something.


A few days back, when im on my way back home from Giant, Tampines
i saw this (below pic)

Are you able to guess what's the word ??

Its space, S-P-A-C-E, Space.
Didn know that a 'rock' or a Giant Rock has a name engraved onto it.

The above pic was home-made 黑白配
which is mix with glass jelly & soya bean.
Super nice, you should try one for yourself(:

Off to study in CJ @ East Coast Park, Big Splash.
Bye, Tschüs (in german).

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