Aug 18, 2011

Cars 2

Went over to The Cathcy, Handy Road to catch the Gala Premiere of Cars 2.
I totally love the action scenes by master British super spy Finn McMissile.
I think, Finn McMissile must be a mirror image of James Bond.

OMG, got a shot from him xP

Cars 2
The movie lasts for 106mins.
Overall, i rate 4/5
due to the ending, super bland & unimaginable.

Not far from The Cathay, there's a sign stated

What could this be ?

A pool of smurfs playing soccer.

Arent they cute(x

A message from Smurf:
Dont forget to catch Cars 2 starting from 25Aug in any local Cinemas(x
& also our movie: The Smurfs starting from 1Sept in any local Cinemas♥

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