Feb 23, 2011

Was so super over the moon
when i stepped out of the examination room @ 1plus

the only 烦恼 i have is the chalet.
Since, you can say that, im the planner
but actually, im not a very professional/good planner.
Its like its supposed to be a class chalet,
& i sent out messages to all 20 of them...
8 didnt replied back, thus i declared them as 'not attending'.
But, im a nice girl(x
Just now, while in school, right after the exam,
i asked a few of them & they replied: 'only 1day' or 'will tell you by tonight'.
@ least they DID reply me.

So, after last min calculation, i guess, 14people are attending
instead of the usual 12people(:
@ least i made the effort to ask them, in case they say: 'Wa, didn asked me when you organised class chalet. What knid of classmate/friend are you ???'

Will update on what i did on Valentines' as i super really wanna share 'these' with all(x
Stay Tune(X

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