Feb 17, 2011

this is my first time usin my phone to blog(x
while, for e past few das have been revisin for exam
which us next week.
e good thing is i can slowly work on e solutions for cmaths qns but not fnet.
i don know why but fnet is seriously nt a easy module to study.
right now, even though i have studied for it, but the info just cant get glued into my brian
its like askin my sister to wash e laundry
so super difficult.

trust me, i really dont know how am i going to pass for fnet
cmaths, sould be a piece of cake
but fnet, NEVER gonna be.
i think i just will have to 'force' myself on payin super attention to fnet if i really wanna do well in it,
for exam, especially section c which takes up 60% of e whole paper.
better work hard on it.
aimin a B gre for fnet, well i know im nt gonna make it
but at least i aim for it xP

shall blog on what i did for 'lonely' valentine.
soon, after my exam(x

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