Mar 24, 2010

Yea [:
im back from chalet after a 2days&2nights stay,
its definately worth all.

Had all the chills&fun.
Yesterday when i reached @ about 4plus,
everyone was 'gone'...

AS most of them went over to e!hub.
Kevin&peng went over to swim,
kaijie MIA,
joyce, chengyang & someone which i forgot, went over to e!hub for pool,
thn the rest of the guys stayed @ the chalet for their PS3.

I companied peng&kevin over to the swimming pool.
& kevin was damn lousy...
He asked peng to compete with him in swimming but halfway through, i think,
he had leg cramp as both of them hit the pool without exercising...

After that, alvin joined in, not hittin the pool,
but slackin around just to 'entertain' himself...
Thn joyce&chengyang came back from e!hub.
Chengyang joined in as kevin insisted.

Reached back as kevin wanted to start the bbq.
Was damn bored yesterday, @ least monday was a bit okie...
So, jason was askin why do i kept sittin outside instead of joinin the girls
as you know, girls gossip together for more 'updates' on each other life& etc.
I didn answered him back as im busy eattin my hotdogs while jason was busy peelin the prawn xP
While, if you wanna know the answer im not sure as well...
But i like to stay outside instead of inside as nothing much to do except for usin my own phone or kevin itouch to use the net (:
But if i remain outside i can bbq my own food instead of keep askin kevin to cook for me.
&jiaxin keep sayin kevin bias as if i wanna eat the hotdog,
he will help me cook till its just nice whereas others are like almost overcook xP

Yesterday was diana's birthday so im not sure who bought the cake but its nice & full of chocolate xD
Even chocolate is one of my favourite but due to my braces,
some of the fillings are struck under or on it & i got to rinse it for like 2-3times.

After which melvin came & he didn really say 'hi' to everyone
but whatever @ least he say 'hi' to me C=
& also, sandy came too but left around 5 or 6plus (:

For the last night,
yongding, jiangbin, peng, kaijie, weisheng, melvin & me stayed over (im the only girl !-! )
peng & melvin slept @ L1
the rest @ L2, where its a air-conditioned bedroom.
Last night cant really sleep much...
due to you, you & you xD
not name their names out.
Even if i used tissue for my ear,,, no usage @ all...

Wake @ 7am,
all thanks to kaijie's alarm & he didn heard it till 7.20am.
Yongding ws the first, as always, i guess...
then me, melvin, weisheng, jiangbin, peng lastly...
the sleepy pig, kaijie xP

Cleared up the place from last night 10plus,
but still got a lot more to clear in the mornin but i just stared @ the guys xP

Left @ 8plus,
mac for breakfast & today was the first time i cleared my own tray.
So was a bit unexperienced on it...
& the rest were lookin @ us, seems like they got to do it themselves too
but, it turned out they didn...
Bus back with melvin as he stayed like a few stops away from me.
yongding, weisheng & peng cab home...
kaijie & jiangbin train back...

& that ends our class chalet for all 3days (:
I love it very much as this is my first class chalet since the last one i think
should be my tuition chalet... (does tuition counted as one ???)

Thanks to joyce or maybe others which i didn know, for organising this chalet,
even its bored & the atmosphere sometimes is a bit 'moody' but overall was fun, hilarious, good & all the words which can fit 'best&fun' (:

For your info,
all the leftover foods, drinks & etc. are all dumped @ the chalet, only for the paper plates, cups, utensils, nutella & lighter...
& diana, we have found your towel @ the L2 bedroom...
Ask yongding where is it as im not sure who took it.

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