Mar 31, 2010

Its been sometime since i posted.
Lets go back to last thursday...

was supposed to go Kbox with qin &her friends
but i didnt as i was damn tired after the stay over @ my class chalet.

Brillnate III.
Went on a last minute basis as xiaoping said to so-called 'accompany' her
& so i agreed.
Met with calvin & bingxiang @ school's front gate, as the back gate is always closed @ 5 or 6pm on normal days...

After which went to look for xiaoping @ GO (general office).
Didnt know that she was very busy till she perspire like running water...
Gordon was there too & he looked freakily tired & annoyed.
Not sure what had happened to the crew...

Got my graduating certificate & stuff.
Then went to the hall as its almost time for the show to start (:
When we got there, saw lots of teachers that once taught us...
So happy when a few teachers still remembered me,
im so touched...

After which saw joevan,
he looked different.
& fengkuan, & him...
didint know that he would came as i asked around & no one told me.
Went to look for our seats & sat @ the reserved seats xP
We were allowed to sit & got the permission from the teacher-in-charge.

Saw dini, mabel, sabrina, michelle, en hao that day...
& a few of my choir juniors (:

Went to have our dinner-cum-supper @ bedok inter.
Was planned to dine @ Mac but was 'full-house' when we got there.

Chat, eat with fk,xiaoping, calvin, bingxiang & him.
Got the same bus as fk,bingxiang & him as we lived quite near as fk alighted @ the 1st stop,
bingxinag the 2nd & me the 3rd stop.
As for him, all the way to eunos.
He can took the train but he doesnt want to be alone...

As for the next few days till today,,,
stayed @ home ):

Happy 15th Birthday to my sister, piggy (:
Happy Birthday to ahma (:
plus, a good news.
My grandpa just had a successful operation.

Right now watching 2AM&2PM hilarious show in youtube.
A man's version of Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra (Parody)

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