Mar 9, 2010

Im back from SATA.
Damn lots of people going for their medical checkup.
& mostly are NYP students enrol for Year1.

Im one of them as well.

Left home @ 10.30am,
when i reached the bus-stop,
i forgot to bring along my specs *angry
Walked back home
& all these walkin makes me perspired like a hose....

I cant believe the weather is that extremely warm!!!

That's okie as i can enjoy the air-conditionin on the bus.
But when i reach SATA,
the queue was the most 'unbelievable' part.
Most of the students,
okie la,,,,
lets say a bit "formal"...
Most of the teenagers are 'male',
& all of them were waitin for their turn.

@ first im not absolutely sure what to do,
luckily there's a girl, who walked in together with me, @ the same time.
Told me to go over to the front, where the counter is,
to take a piece of paper for my 'queue number'.
She brought me over & i told my number,
together with my dad as i asked him to accompany while im waitin (:
I cant ever imagined....
The number which i took was "96"...
But the queue number, which the nurse named, was "66"...
30 more people before me *a face of white&blue.
I thanked her & placed back the number...
as im goin tomorrow...
early than the operating hours @ 8.30am.

Promise & i defintely WILL...
But first, got to settle my lunch...
Im famished ):):):):):):
Better go over to my grand's placae for lunch (=

& not forgettin...

Happy 18th Birthday YongDing (:
Will be going to Aloha Loyang for his birthday (x
even though is this suppose to be a secret
but i doubt he wont look @ this post
as he seldom came to look @ my blog xP
Not like "other people" XD

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