Mar 10, 2010

For today,
i have lots of things to share (:

is the chalet.
Yesterday was yongding's birthday,
thus, there's a chalet "opened" for his birthday.
The location was at Aloha Loyang.

But first,
went to E!Hub to look for diana they all
as they planned to meet there & walked together to Aloha Loyang
as none of us know, except for jiangbin who did his 'homework' xP
im not the last to reach.
Kaijie is later than me.
Chengyang bought the charcoals & off we went to Aloha Loyang.
Through the Pasir Ris Park.
That's the only 'shortcut' we know.
After which, on our way to the park,
kaijie saw a trolley which is left outside the carpark & we used it to transport our charcoals xP
A lot of poeple were watching us, due to the trolley.
Reached Aloha @ 5plus.
Most of "them" were there as 'they' were the ones to organise the chalet.
Heard that it costed them 200bucks for 4D3N...
The bad news is that utility bills have to pay separately.

We had black jack, buffet, mahjong, bbq & playstation to entertain ourselves for the whole night.
I played mahjong, as i do not have to 'touch' any $$ xP
Durin dinner,
was damn bored till kairui came over & share with us a few relationship things...
As kevin was interested to know xD
Of course, the most important show was 'yongding's birthday cake'
(heard that he got 'fooled' by them)

Thanks to andrea's father to fetch me, jiaxin, diana, alvin & jiangbin back home.
& sorry joyce for leavin you as when she got in the bungalow,
we're almost time to go back home (:

yesterday was an enjoyable & fun day to me.
& the most hilarious part of the event was when kevin was chasin after shengwei for his phone & yankai join in too (:

is the medical checkup which i did this morning.
As you know,
all poly students got to have their medical checkup on whether are they suitable/fit to take up the course they have chosen.
& one of it was the urine test.
That's the most unbearable & hateful part for me.
As i retook it 3TIMES.
Can you BELIEVE IT, 3TIMES ....!!!!
Not only me, the other girls who came after me had to retake their urine test as well due to one common, simple reason...
Im not about other girls whether how many times they did,
but i retook it 3TIMES!!!!

& at the same time,
when i reached SATA, which is S'pore registered medical practitioner & its considered as one of NYP's specified clinics in S'pore,
the computer which is used for us, the poly students,
cant really detect the information to the printer which is connected to the computer.
& this morning was a cooling day as its the first time, in the first quater year,
that the East region had finally "RAIN"...
So, i got to carry a umberella with me & got to walk to the clinlic which was a distanced away from the bus-stop which i alighted.

So, 3 "unlucky/bad things" happened to me.
1st, RAIN
2nd, printer not working
3rd, thr urine test

What a bad day for me....

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