Mar 27, 2009

Today was a 'meaningful' day.
But firstly i'd like to say to irwin & all,
tt im sry i din attend neither pizza nor e kfc.
E reason,,,
well,,yu all shd noe.
As junsi has alr explain to 张老师.
Due to my teeth,
i cnt eat hard,solid food.
As tue,i juz went over to NDC to tighten it.
& i cn tell yu,
e experience was dame painful...
even when i bruxh my teeth,
i cn feel e pain of e gum.
Feels like a needle is pokin @ ur gum.
& sry tt i cried in class.
As i felt bad when 张老师 personally gave mi e pizza
& i juz regretted him straight away.
Tks junsi,steph,shengwei,weishen & irwin
for offerin & askin mi to attend myself to e food.
But e reason for mi to cry in class is because,
im a emotional person & tend to cry easily.
Like when someone cried,interminably,
my eyes will start to turn red& tears slowly flow down.
Anw,tks all(names mention above)
& i appreciate sabdajie & diana & anqi console (x

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