Mar 19, 2009

Hie,back for bloggin.
Last sunday,
went to suntec for e IT Fair.
i nid to say tt,
Its dame lots of ppl.
(shd have believe ur word)
i cn onli prove yu wif dis pics which i took.
They even hired guards @ e escalator,
whr yu go up to reach lvl 1-4 & 6.
Did manage to c lots of laptop & camera which i want.
onli cn 'SEE'
& nt 'BUY'.

mayb nxt yr cn ba ????!!!

Holi program.
Fr 8AM-6PM.
Crazy rite,e timin.
But its worth it,
as e class reali lerant a lot of tings.
Through these 3days program.
They taught us bout diff personality,
use diff kind of study methods to prepare for o lvls.
& even taught us tt,
how impt 'FRIENDSHIP' r.
We definately learnt a lot.
Tks to:
Coach Jo,
Coach Elgin,
Tranier TX
Tranier JL
(sry for callin 'tranier' xP)

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