Nov 11, 2008

im back fr my holi trip to taiwan.
bought many tings.
cnt rmb much on my tour trip.

lets c if i cn rmb.
1st dae landed @ taiwan airport T2,
went to T1 to wait for others.
While waitin,saw 王力宏.
Wa,so dame handsome la but din manage to take pics of him cuz gt lots of his fans waitin for him.
He took e hong kong airline to taiwan.
after tt,went to xi men ding for dinner.
2nd dae cnt rmb much.
3rd dae tour round e mountain thn suai suai b4 we reach derh gt tai fong so nid wait for 30mins for them to fix e roads.
slp @ xiao xiong du jia chun.
4th dae went liu he yei shi for dinner.
5th dae cnt rmb.
6th dae went back taipei,dine @ shi lin yei shi.
7th dae free-&-easy.
went to buy heel-boots.
1 long 1 short (:
tks da gu & xiao gu for buyin mi those heel-boots

in e end,bought a bag for stephaiai,belt for him(1),watch for him(2),handfone chain for sabdajie,a cow for ahpig & a mickey mouse cap for laohu.
sry to jiaxin & elaine.
nt tt i forgt to buy for yu but i dont noe wat to buy for both of yu.

Dame sry.
& din manage to buy e cd for ydkor as i cnt find it in all e cd shop.
did ask them but sm say din sale others no idea.

tts all for my taiwan trip.
mayb gng to penang nxt.
da pang gu gu plannin for it xP

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