Nov 27, 2008

Back to post smth lerh.
Don reali ave e mood & time to post xP

Last wk & e wk b4,
went to work.
Gt my salary le.

last fri,is pri bbq party.
reach pasir ris park de shi huo,
saw all e pit is filled wif malays.
oh,went wif qin & jas.
sit for a few mins,nth to do,went to rent bicycle.
in e end,we went downtown eat.

after tt went e!hud sing K.
oso gt saw wen.
Long time no c le,she change a lot (:
sing for bout 4hrs plus.
durin tt time,qin keep askin for balloon.
when she gt it,suddenly e balloon brust.
qin hand tio pain,mi & jas tio shock by qin's scream.
after singin K,
went eat taiwan xiao chi.
e mee sua nt bad.
shd try again nxt time.
qin oso recommend chicken rice.
she say nt bad too.
but when we reach alr closed le :(
tts all.
nid to pack for tmr's malaysia tour :)

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