Jan 12, 2008

Hie everyone.
Gt lots of tingz to tel...
Like sch reopen wat 'we' did
& after sch 'our' 'adventure'...
Interestin rite?!

On 2nd jan, 1st dae of sch,
Saw annchee, huixian, joyce w8 4 khartian.
So i oso w8.
Thn saw diana & her bro & zehui too.
Saw e new class time table.
Nid stay bak til 2.45pm fr mon-wed.
But thur go hm a bit early.
Fri as usual.
After tt forgt wat happen liao.
Thn after sch didn go anywhr.

On 3rd jan,
Oso nth interestin happen.
But we manage to 'tick' our name.
As it means we're goin tp open hus.

On 4th jan,
cant rmb alot tingz.

On 7th jan,
as usual went to sch early mornin.
But after sch stay bak do maths hw wif galfrenz til round 3-4+pm.

On 8th jan,
went TM but someting for someone.
Cuz b'dae so went TM & CS.
Went wif joyce,diana,huixian,khartian,jiaxin & anting.
Walk for a long time.
Cuz nid choose nice nice present for e b'dae ppl.
Thn we manage to buy a soft toy & doggy kind of money save.
But joyce plan to buy cake.
Thn didn noi whether she DID buy or nt.

On 9th jan,
Samson brin joyce,diana,annchee,huixian,khartian & anting.
To downtown east.
As they go derh for a interview.
@ samson's workin place.
@ 1st i os wanna go.
But study 1st & i oso gt 'tuition'.
So didn go wif them.

On 10th jan,
CCA FAIR......................
So happi lorh.
After sch,
Everyone was busy cuz nid set up booth.
& show some of their moves to impress e sec1.
Thn joyce,huixian,annchee,khartian & mi.
1st went to eat @ blk 85.
Thn went bak sch again but khartian went bak hm do art work i think.
Thn 4 of us went library cuz e other 3 ppl wan search picz for their art design.
Stay til 4.30pm cuz library close @ tt time.
Went down find diana.
Annchee & huixian went round givin out their 'MRL flyers'.
When cca ends,ain make my hand black black.
Cuz keng peng 'paint' her face a bit black wif their black ink.
Yu noe e black ink which ncc always put on their face............
Don understand.
Nvm cuz don noi how to explain xP
Went hm round 7+pm.
Thn do math hw.

On 11 jan,
Juz nw went TM to help joyce buy e materialz for our class decorationz.
E materialz cost round $46+.
So x lorh.
Thn we eat delifrance.
Oso cost us round $30+
Thn owe joyce $1 cuz nt enough money xP

End of 'our' 'adventure'.
But still hope tt derh is more to come.
So sit bak & relax nxt time when i gt somting to post x]

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