Jan 4, 2008

Bak to write my post again...
Gt lots of tingz to recap...

On 31st dec, new yr eve,
Went to ah ma hus for countdown.
Sry steph & yong ding,
Didn go for e bbq.
When at ah ma hus,
Play mahjong wif my cousinz.
So fun lorh.
Won 3-4 rounds.
Total we play round 10-15 rounds.
But didn play wif money.

On 1st jan 2008,
Did lots of shoppin @ AMK hub.
Went to This Fashion.

On 3rd jan, today,
Juz nw afternoon,
Felt a bit feverish.
Went ask my mum c whether gt medicine to eat or nt.
Oh god,
Plz save mi.
Save mi from all e rumours that i have heard.
Like rumours bout mi & kevin,
Or mi & ron.
& right now got a fake ones.
Which is mi & teddy.
I hate all this relation rumours.
All i want is to have a peaceful living,
Peaceful learning during class/lesson time.
I dont want to hear bout all this rumours again.
Hope that i can have a peaceful time next year.
As maybe all '3' of them didnt make it for sec 5 & i did.
I think that might be the luckiest time i ever have!
In e name of LORD!

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