Jul 21, 2007

Hie long tyme nvr blog liao...xp
Anyway,durin SS period (on wed) someting happen..
1 of mine classmate,ruzz,saw tt sec1 n(t) studentz r fightin even though derh's a teacher in e class & e sec1 class was juz opposite mine classroom so we saw e whole 'incident' but nt all of us as we're in e middle of preparin ourselves 4 nxt wk's common test which is oso cal CA2..
Thn we ask our SS teacher 2 go & ave a look but he say don care bout them as we're in e middle of e perpartion...but anyway e so cal assis' DM (i think) is walkin towards e class & shout @ e sec1z...
All of them were like as quiet as a mouse when DM shouted @ them..thn e follow dae which is thur & durin our pe lesson it starts 2 rain & we juz sit @ e 'shelter' place outside e chem lab & ask our pe teacher y e sec1 fight (as she was e teacher hu relief e class)
Thn she say tt e reason is 1 of e boi throw his fren (which is oso a boi) pe pants into e rubbish bin & tt's e reason y they starts 2 fight..thn she oso say tt actually she don wanna relief any class but don y she go relief tt n(t) class..& so she say lots of 'angry' words out bout e sec1z fight...
But anyway 1 of mine classmate say tt 1 of e boi (hu is fightin) was like goin 2 tear e ohter boi's mouth & he say it was dame horrible lolx...but luckily i didn c anyting...hahax..^_^
Tt's all i ave 2 say..
Hope tt nxt tyme i can say more bout mine life in sch or mayb other tingz beside sch.. xp

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