Jul 24, 2007

Ave yu ever feel happy when e opp. sex says <45888> 2 yu??
I ave done a research on 'someone' & in mine discovery,,,,,
It's true 2 say tt yu'll feel happy as (i thin) yu must ave fallen 4 tt person as well when they say it 2 yu...
E feelin was jux like eatin sweet cherriez,,,,,,,
it's so sweet tt yu keep wantin it more & more...
Even though (i thin) i might ave dis kind of feelin but still....
I hope tt dis kind of feelin can ever-lastin
til e ends of e earth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
til e ends of mine heartz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
til e ends of mine whole life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Hope tt im bless & so do yu all ppl outside..........
Even though (some) might nt ave e chance nw...........
But soonner or laterrr yu'll ave e chance jux like mi...............

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