Nov 12, 2014

Travelogue: Kyoto end of Day 3 & start of Day 4

This is our pension for the night.
Aie... Not really as there's another HK family staying for the night as well(x
I think I'm gonna overrate this pension from the amount of pictures I've posted as compared to other hotels we stayed in.

Pic on the right: a small chamber located on the left of the hallway when you entered into the pension.

This rooms are not toilet but onsen, the door was locked so i can't take pictures )=

Starting from here will be a tour of the rooms

Japanese take pride in recycling

Our tourist for the past 2 days, it's upsetting that she can't be with us as she's only taking groups in Takayama)x
Her name is Ayumi

You can visit their website Hakuba Eternal (Japanese version w/ minimal English)
or English version

Start of a brand new journey

One of the owner of Eternal Flame. There's also a guy and both of them drove us to the train station which took unless than 10 mins.

Here comes the train

I super love this idea.
    When you've reached your station and no one is boarding onto the cabin you're in, you could press the 'open' button else you will have to miss the station as, seems like, if someone is boarding then the train operator will 'signal' the door to open. Else, you will need to self-service.
    As for the 'close' button, if you're the last person boarding and did not want to wait for the train operator to close the doors, you could do so yourself.
Isn't this such a brilliant idea if we were to implement in Singapore ??!!

Bringing our luggage to the other side of the platform

Our Day 4 Journey will definitely be a speechless adventure and you may never want to leave the tourist attraction.

Stay Tune!

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