Jan 8, 2014

Tai Chung Part 2

This is the part 2 of my Tai Chung Holiday back in November.
There are a few ups and downs during this holiday and I'm gonna let you know in this post. So continue reading C=

Early morning, before having our breakfast, my forth Aunt took a picture with 弥勒佛.

Chose the best breakfast I had, as it's a buffet spread and I don't eat such HEAVY breakfast.
So I had bread and sweet potato congee.
If you've read my first post, the most common spread for bread are coco, butter and peanut butter. But over here, they'd coco, butter (as well) and 2 new ones: cream (made up of milk) and raspberry jam.

I happen to spot these cuties while my dad was drinking coffee. These are actually the teaspoons and there's about a series of it. But, sadly, the zodiac isn't in a complete set.

The trail path/map for the entire farm.

The little garden beside the resort.

Somehow we were stuck for about 45mins as there's a construction going on to maintain the landsides, and I came up with the Jump shot and my family joined in (top)
A part of the landslides which the workers are working on. (bottom)

1st destination

This entire premises belongs to Taiwan's honourable leader. You can also wear their 原住民's costumes, like what my third aunt and her husband did.

The owner of the premises belongs to Mr. Sun Yat Sen, 孙中山.
He personally looked, planned and oversee the entire construction.

The magnificent jade(?) situated inside the restaurant. I did took a picture of the entrance 梨山賓館.

We rode all the way up to the top of 梨山 and patronized 天池.


And the plate state your wish will come true if one walk around the pond three times, both left and right.
I did my part and really hope my wish will come true(:

The various times for star glazers.
(this is the largest size I can get)

Lunch of the day, one of my favourite dish

2nd destination
A tree which grows a total of 42 different varieties of apples.

One of my favourite flower found inside Green House.

This is a very unique plant, under the light, the plant shines out a sheer white colour and the original green when hide away from the light.

Came across a couple taking their wedding photos (left)
One of the 'wedding' photos for my parents (right)

3rd destination

Watching sunset visibly in front of me.
It's really really beautiful, words cannot be described how magnificent the entire landscape is.
And we're about 3100+m above sea level.

Highly recommend

Dinner of the day, highly popular restaurant recommended and visited by numerous Taiwan artistes.

One of my favourite dish, I remember it's made of brown rice and you have to dip into the sauce provided which are honey and coconut 丝. haha, don't what's it called in English.

Various artistes went over for variety shows.

The entire look of the restaurant.

Hostel for the night was on top of another mountain, almost 75% of our holiday were touring around various mountains.
The landscape and scenery from my room was spectacular.

One of the artworks in my room (left)
You HAVE to try out this milk tea if you visit the hostel (right)

My nephew and the fireplace.

We have to clear our utensils, this is a common practice in all of the hostel we stayed in.

Name of the hostel (top)
The overview of the reception (bottom)

The owner's dog.
Isn't it adorable

1st destination, we went to a little sheep farm and I forgot to take the name of the farm but it's somewhere near our hostel.

Reminds me of the tree from Harry Potter, I think should be from the Chamber of Secrets.
Actually, the wood is used as a wine's cork

There's also ponies(x

This funny looking sheep is actually the machine that sells the food for the sheep (left)
The name of the farm (actually I did took a picture of the name) [right]

There's a few windmills scattered around.

2nd destination is called 纸箱王, Carton King, which houses various items/designs made up carton boxes.
There's 2 7-11 and Carton King next to the second one.

3rd destination.

Managed to take this picture. I'm not sure why but this scene probably because this is the only bank I managed to take perfectly. haha.

Lunch of the day.
Ladies and Gents xP (2nd and 3rd picture)

My favourite dishes.

My brother with one of the artworks.

Interior deco of the church (bottom)

Description of building the church

Description of the artworks

Porcelain kittens found in the souvenir shop.

4th destination

Final stay in Tai Chung.
Loving poem found in my bedroom (2nd picture)

5th destination

Tai Chung's 1st 太阳饼. They sold various flavours from traditional to chocolate that's in a form of a heart.

Look at who I've found.
STAYREAL by 阿信 from 五月天.

小吃 we tried that's highly recommended by local food bloggers.

蚵仔面线 is very smooth and the 面线 flows down the throat easily. The oyster is fresh and there isn't any seafood smell.

The stall owner served us some of the pink guava that we planted herself.

Papaya milkshake is the best seller for them. The stall is right beside the Oyster stall.

Top of the Must-Try 小吃 by the local food bloggers. We ordered the original, octopus, so the outer level of the scrumptious Takoyaki was super rich and the octopus was just right.

Breakfast of the final day

Freshly cooked you tiao (left)
Price of the food sold (right)

Scallion pancake and dumplings.

1st destination was Xinshe Flower Festival, an annual event which occurs only in November.
You can read more of the event here

Icons of the farm

The rabbit's hat from Alice in the Wonderland (left)
Taiwan's renowned artiste, Teresa Teng 邓丽君. 'She' was singing 甜蜜蜜 at the point of time.

It isn't lavender, trust me, it's called 鼠尾草.
Super disappointed when I looked at the plate, I personally thought I won't have to travel to Hokkaido to witness the spread of lavender
After looking at the plate, I have to.

Favourite dishes and the soup base was kimchi (1st and 2nd picture)
The name of the restaurant for our lunch which is not far away from  Xinshe Flower Festival. (bottom)

Went to pluck grapes, even though the 'atmosphere' wasn't that good but we took back 3 cartons which cost about 200TWD

My nephew and brother posing with their mouth open as if the grapes will fall and dropped into their mouth xD

My Dayi managed to find a 汽车旅馆, motel, for us to wash up and rest before dinner and before we flew off back to Singapore.

Japanese buffet for final dinner.

They measured a child's height to determine how much the child cost.

The spread we had after dinner.

A lovely deco found 'hidden' in the departure hall before you stamped your passport.

Sayonara Taiwan

O kaeri nasai Singapore

That's the end of my holiday trip to Central Taiwan.

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