Oct 11, 2013


Gomen nasai; mianhamnida; es tut mir leid; 对不起; sorry!

That's all of the various languages I could speak/know for 'Sorry'.
I do have my own reasons for 'hiding' away from blogging.
Studies; Projects; Assignments; Mini tests/quizzes &etc. that you can name out relating to school and studies.

For the past 2months (which I've last blogged in August), I've 'consumed'/used out all my precious time on studies.
I don't wanna disappoint my parents in getting average results,
I'm aiming for Distinction/High Distinction. (that's the highest grade for my degree course.)

While, who would be SOOOOO interested in knowing my mundane school life...
Today, I'm gonna blog about 'that' special birthday cake on my brother's birthday back in mid-August. (I know it's been 2months but I just wanna blogged to thank 'them' Cx)

Here's a glance of the SPECIAL cake!

(The pin already disclosed my secret)

Thanks to Veron Ang, owner of Sparklette.net in collaboration with Emicake for a scrumptious giveaway to welcome it's newly creation - Strawberry Oreo Cake, 15cm.

A little background of the cake:

    This August, bakery chain Emicakes has rolled out a number of yummy cakes, including a cake created specially for Singapore’s National Day as well as cake of the month Strawberry Oreo cake.

(*Credits to Veron)

From what I know and researched on, Emicake comes up with different themes/cake for each month and for the month of August it's Strawberry Oreo.

It has two layers of strawberry filling mixed with crushed Oreo biscuits, surrounded with pretty pink trim. Just by looking at the picture, one can't simply get your eyes off to try one Cx
That's why DESSERTS is a killer food for ladies xP

A little 'insight' of the cake

Mouth-watering Strawberry filling with Oreo biscuits, not just any Oreo crumbs but the ENTIRE Oreo biscuits
(as mentioned)
(haha, jealous right)

Another area I'd like to point out is layer of cakes.
Besides the normal usual ingredients of baking a cake like eggs, flour & so on, I'd like to introduce 'Chiffon+'.

Emicake promises to deliver a healthy and nutritious chiffon cake to every cake order no prior for extra charge.
The chiffon cake is soft and smooth, suitable for the elderly & my grandparents like it a lot, asking me to buy a small piece again Cx

*My paternal grandparents and my brother

From what I know, Strawberry Oreo is no longer on sale but nevertheless they have came up with a theme for the month of October -

Moreover, they have created 1 3 exciting flavors - Dark Chocolate Tiramisu, White Chocolate Macadamia, Ultimate Chocolate.
Furthermore, you get to enjoy 15% discount for purchasing either flavors within the date: 30Sept - 10Oct, 11 - 20Oct, 21 - 31Oct respectively.

    What, you're allergy to eggs? - Emicake do have EGGLESS cake choices(;
You think buying a cake is too much and you'd like something small? - Fret not, Emicake also sells cupcakes, log cakes suitable for tea party or causal events.
    You think chocolate if too common and what something MORE? - How about trying out their No.1 selling Durian Cake, definitely value for the price
You want a unique design for your child? - They do have various likeable and loveable designs such as Princess Cakes, Happy Cakes, or you can also customize with your child's picture *heart

Whatever designs, flavors, cakes & more.

There's definitely be ONE that will caught your eyes.

For more information, you can check out their website: http://www.emicakes.com.sg/

or their FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Emicakes.com.sg

Once again, I would like to sincerely thank Veron from Sparklette for this giveaway, also Emicake for such No.1 quality, nutritious chiffon cake.

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