Jun 4, 2013

Shiseido Professional Spring Summer 2013 Trend Collection Event ~ Part 2

Hi readers,
I apologized for the lack of posts up for the past months
If you do follow my twitter, I busy with my hectic schedule during work and, right now, I managed to get time-off to update on my previous 'cut-short' post for Shiseido's Event.

Everytime when there's an event, of course there's gonna be a show for the viewers.
Shiseido has put up a hair show for us using their latest hair products.

If you remembered what I've said in my previous post,
Mr Toyota, together with his colleague, Mr Yoshiyuki Takahashi, will be demonstrating the latest hair style for us(:

Before that, let's welcome Mr Takahashi-san.

A little biography on Mr Takahashi-san

    Mr Takahashi worked actively as a stylist with No. 1 sales at the Shiseido Beauty Salon. After being selected as an Academy member, he transferred to Shiseido Beauty Creation Research Center where he is currently active as a hair and makeup artist. Aside from being involved in collections and photo shoots, he conducts hair shows and seminars for both domestic and throughout Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. He is also engaged in the development of hair products and educational software.

First up, Mr Toyota's work-of-art.

He uses the latest hair product called the Damp Jelly to style the model's hair.
Actually, the truth is, he uses a wig for that shiny look *lol
(left pic)
Next, he uses a special mousse that's not sticky and air-free throughout the day.

This mousse is super air-free and 'bouncy', at the same time.
*Shall review this special mousse at the end of my post xP

Lastly, it's Mr Takahashi-san's showtime.

*the above hair look was done using the same mousse.

The final transformation created by our hair stylists.
*thanks for looking over xD

At the end of the presentation,
we were given a chance to grab a picture with Mr Toyota and Mr Takahashi.
*Felt super honoured
*Pity for the model who was blocked by Mr Toyota-san)x

Throughout the entire event, the best part was getting to meet new and fabulous friends♥♥

*Top middle
Linda - http://linn-hearts.blogspot.sg/
*Top right
Maria - http://diamondinrouge.tumblr.com/
*Bottom right
Janelle from Shiseido - thanks for inviting me over♥

And before I go off, I shall review the 'special mousse' which I've kept till now
*thought that I have forgotten about it right?!


It's called the Stage Work Air Feel Wave/Motion for different types of hair.
The texture is light, weightless (which explains the picture above) and non-sticky.
Mr Toyota mentioned that this mousse is able to hold the hairstyle throughout the day without weighing too much on your hair and it's 100% definitely suitable in humid countries like Singapore.

During Q&A session, Mr Takahashi said that mousse is best applied on dry hair.
So, if you have the habit of bathing before going out, you will have to blow/dry-clean your hair before applying it to style your hair.

Finally, all this sums up for Shiseido's event.
Hope you've enjoyed reading like me enjoying writing this posts for you♥

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