Jun 21, 2013


As many Singaporeans have known,
ever since last Saturday, our country has been engulfed with thick 'smoke' known as 'HAZE'.

Personally speaking,
I was having that vey same thought when haze started to appear and linger around Singapore as this isn't the first time that Singapore was hit by black 'smoke'.

But, as days goes, the thick smoke is seriously getting thicker and darker.
That's when I started to follow the news every single day.
To my astonishment,
on Wednesday, we've hit the highest PSI record to date.
It's known that the previous high of 226 was recorded in September 1997 according to the news and on Wednesday, we've hit a record of 371.

You can read the article.

But, the readings didn't end here.
It continued to reach a record of 400 as of 11am, today.
You couldn't actually see the next block clearly like I used to.

The 'murder' for all these 'unexpected' incident was caused by the poor management of Indonesia government.
Have a look at all the mass you've made which caused lots of people, especially the young and elderly, to suffer from breathing difficulties and pose asthma attacks for some people.
(Article I)

Finally, our Prime Minister steps up to speak for his citizens.

Not only Singapore was affected, even Malaysia was one of the victim as well
(As we're neighbours, remember :P)
Causing schools to be closed due to the haze. (Article)

Some schools, in Singapore, has stopped all outdoor activities or events.
As for myself, I used wet towels to cover the windows so that at least the haze won't get blown in to my house.
And I started to wear mask while going out.

As of 4pm,
Look at what I've seen through my house windows.

(A difference of 6hrs)
I was shocked and ecstatic and I tweeted

I was really very happy and the PSI was 145 as of 4pm.
Finally we get to see clear sky after the arduous 6days tortured by the haze.
That's when I came across this article, from CNA.
Maybe this is what that helps to subside the haze.

(While typing, the vision wasn't that cleared already)

(I totally went speechless)

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