Nov 17, 2012


Owning a blogshop alone is definitely not an easy task if you're still schooling.
But you still feel like earning your first captial/pocket money yourself without reaching out your hand and asked your parents for allowance.

But this unqiue girls team up together to open their very first online boutique called - TAINTEDAISIES

Their concept shops generally catered to young teenagers and adult teenagers aged between 13-20 years old, also, selling trendy and fashionable items from Top to Bottom(;

Right now, they're having....


Your eyes wasnt covered or am i bluffing you.
All clothings and accessories are priced under $25

I know girl, im staring to have the feeling for Chirstmas and its time to get those shoes and start 'running' to grab the lovely clothing for Chirstmas parties<3

Some of my favourites are:

*Priced stated are the 'discounted' prices.

Whats More, they are giving special treats to YOU, readers.
All you have to do is to quote my blog's name: beurself-ahqi
to get free normal postage
Do you wanna get the latest updates from them ??

Be their FB Fan
or you can follow them on Twitter
Lastly, you can check out all the lovely clothings and accessories via their Shop

Lastly, thanks to all my readers for being there for me.
I know i've been missing from the past 2months, due to my final year project and school exchange program which limits the use of web browser in China,
i promised there will be lots of (past)posts coming your way.

Do stay tune.


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