Apr 25, 2012

Life of a Year3

Never knew that my life, as a final year student, can be so mundane as the previous years.
And also, never would i expect my timetable to be so crappy.
Mon: 8am - 6pm with 4hrs break
Tue: 9am - 5pm with 3hrs break
Thur: 9am - 6pm with 1hr break (hectic day)
Fri: 9am - 3pm with 3hrs break


Forget about my timetable, no use in ranting out
Not like my timetable will change automatically after what i've said out.

A big surprise to all if you're one of NYP students(:
As there's a revamp on our school's library♥

The cafe has new and expanded seating and the brand new layout.

Performance area.
The piano is open to all to showcase the skills and perform interesting music for all.

Funky new shelves which includes comics, magazines & etc.

Even since the revamp of the new layout of the library,
i have been an avid supporter and went to the library frequently like 3times/week if im not mistaken.

Yesterday, i had my lunch over at the HotCafe in the library.
They sell bentos, snacks and beverage from hot coffee to ice vanilla ice blend(:
I ordered black pepper chicken bento.

Overall, the chicken is slightly hard.
Not like those which i adored that is soft and tender♥♥
What i like, from the bento, is the rice as it seems like they have add seasoning beside the black sesame and also the fresh carrots and cucumbers.
I don't really like the dessert which looks like a sponge cake.
The bento set cost $2.80 and there's a lot of 6-8varieties for you to choose from.
I didn't get to take the menu xP *Opps


I was invited to visit Kaplan over at Wilkie Edge which is located at Selegie Road
A few miles away from Orchard Road or School of The Arts(SOTA).
Should i go as i have something in the afternoon ???!!!!!

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