Sep 3, 2011

Guess where am i ??
I'll be working at this particular store in city plaza.
Today is kinda like my first day of work, but im on a training 'course'
I managed to sell off a bag & a pencil pouch(:
Was supposed to sold a belt but, too bad, that's the only one with torn parts.

Anywhere, im currently, almost, working at The Wholesale Shop in City Plaza.
Its actually a wholesale shop selling clothings from and to TheBlogShop.
At first day of 'work', i actually saw a lot of nice clothings manufactured by TheBlogShop.

Have a look at these 2piece of dresses.
What do you think ??

Here's a closer look at the details of the dress on the left.

Actually, both dresses are a identical piece.
Or should i say, its a versatile piece.
You can flip over to wear.

The following piece, is one of my favourite piece from the shop.
Im not sure why i like it,
but the dress makes me feel like an angel.
Cause of the material, it has a slight sheer and the dress isnt a full length dress
but, there's a side fringe cut length.
Here's the piece:

If you're interested in purchasing,
do free feel to drop by The Wholesale Shop at City Plaza(x
Or their retail store at Haji Lane and Far East Plaza(:

Thanks and enjoy purchasing♥

I think i should ask this qn to my readers:
Have you ever came across a particular store/shop, that you're working in, and your boss told you this:
'Dont ever talk to the other store owners beside your customers.'
Seriously, why ??
Why cant just make friends with the store owners ??
Cause firstly, what i think was,
during meal time, its super difficult and inconvenient to go out of the shop to order/takeaway.
Hello, what if im doing 'big bussiness', how can a person finished within 5mins ??
I think you should hired another sales girl to cater the above mention problems i've pointed out.

If you're reading this, my boss, dont yell at me
cause this are my honest reviews.

Lastly, you any of you readers are looking for a job,
do feel free to comment& i may ask my boss to see IF he allows.
Ohh, my position is a full-time retail assitant.
The good point is, you dont have to bother learning how to use a POS machine
which is used for if you're a cashier.
Cause the store only accepts cash.

(Anything else...)
I think that's all.
If you would like to join in with me in servicing customers,
do feel free to comment and i'll 'see' you guys soon♥♥

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