Aug 30, 2011

Im still deciding whether should i or should i not
but since im already typing, might as well be a 'should'.

So, a qn for you: Do you love blogging ?
Do you ever love writing/updatin a blog ?
Do you ever love reading a blog ?

Well, for me, my answer is, Yes, i SUPER ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.
and that's the reason why im here writing a blog of my own and you guys reading my blog

I found a very inspiring quote from a particular blog which i agree with it:
'I love blogging as much as blog hopping !!
I love blogging and will not stop blogging till the day when I think I should stop.'

Do you come across a blog that inspires you a lot ?
What inspire you to blog ?

Everyone have a different 'taste' in blogging.
As for me, i got inspired to blog about my personal experience/honest reviews on items/product which i came across through my daily life.

I do love blog-hopping.
Perhaps it is to get reviews on restaurants, cosmetics or the latest tech gadgets or keeping ourselves updated on the blogger’s personal lives.
These blogs we read (or stalk), there’s something about them that draws us back to find out more and might even inspire us to blog about certain topics. Now, wouldn’t it be great if we could share these inspirations with everyone? That’s the idea behind Blog Day!

Nuffnang is celebrating BlogDay which falls on 31Aug.
This 'quest' is to spot 6 new blogs that interest you the most, preferably blogs which are different from your own culture, point of view and attitude.

Here are the bloggers which i personally adore(or stalk).

(click to read)

Recently, LadyIronChef won the Best Food Blog at SBA2011 by OMY.SG.
I really love how he reviews and classify all his post together.
My favourite entire is the Best Thai Restaurants in Singapore (click on it to read)

Thanks to his honest reviews, i went to one of the resttaurant and whatever he comment are true and the pictures he took are clear and attractive.
You wont read any false review/account from his blog.

(at first i thought the owner was a 'her' until i read the biography, then i realised '*opps, its a HE' xP)

(click to read)

Keiko Lynn is a designer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her eponymous blog is a wonderful mix of style inspiration and fabulous makeup tutorials. Her penchant for fashion and beauty means her looks are always perfectly coordinated, right down to her hair and makeup. Since she lives in New York City, Keiko’s outfits reflect all four seasons and she always looks fabulous, even in winter, thanks to her unique wardrobe and serious layering skills.

She was interviewed by CollegeFashion, you can read her interview

What i like about her is that she likes layering of clothes
which is what most people are wearing.
Layering is form of fashion which will enhance your sense of fashion.

(click to read)

'Do check out Jen from FromHeadToToe'
You will always hear/listen to this pet phrase from her.

Jen is a korean who lives, studies, works and get married in the US.
She has a youtube channel called FromHeadToToe.
I like her as she's a monolid (so am i) and her makeup is always on bold and sophisticated line.
She also gets inspried to do makeup tutorial from celebrities like IU, SNSD, Gain from BEG & more.
Check out her blog or her youtube channel.

(click to read)

Chriselle is a fashion wardrobe stylist.
As of December 23, 2010, Chriselle, who owns the fashion company Chriselle INC., was introduced in Michelle Phan's channel to showcase fashion tutorials alongside on Michelle's make-up tutorials on her Youtube page.

Her fashion line was more on what she experience through the surrounding.
She gets inspried from around her, whether was it season, colors, patterns or just a piece of clothing.
She is able to trasform simple clothing/accessory into a new fashion line.
Recently, on her youtube page, she teaches her viewers 4 simple ways to wear a belt which is what im doing to my boring belt(x

(click to read)

Sineadycady a English born Make-up Artist, living in Ireland.
What i like about her is one of her playlist in her youtube page called 'Make-up For Beginners'.
She really teaches her viewers step by step techniques on how to create a flawless looking skin for beginners.

(click to read)

CollegeFashion is a blog for stylish college girls, featuring fashion tips for students, the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, online sale updates, ruminations on college life, college fashionistas’ street style, as well as style advice for 20 somethings.
Its the first and only fashion blog written by college students, for college students.

Thus if you're not reading this, you arent a college student xP

The above mention bloggers are my current favourite.
I'll never stop reading unless i found better ones to 'replace' them xP
I guess its not gonna happen.
They don't have much events to attend like what local blogger do and yet they blog about many interesting stuff around them, about them.

Hope you like my recommendation and , most importantly, get positively inspired by them(x

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