Jul 20, 2011

A recap on what happen for this week(x

Sunday - 17July
Stayed at home to do my projects
and finished watching the latest season of 华人星光大道,美乐加油 and khuntoria.

Monday - 18July
Shuang's birthday.
This time round, we celebrated with ahma
who's back from Penang on the day itself, its afternoon when ahma came back(:
Didn manage to pick her up from the airport as im still having lessons):

Spot the difference ??
If you merge both, that will be the actual 'group' of grandchildren ahma had(x

Bear with my brother,
he's having a fever):
Get well soon, my boy.

Took polaroids again♥

Tuesday - 19July
Nothing special.
I tune in to Class 92.4FM - Symphony FM for
GCE O Level MT Listening Comprehension Paper.

Promised both my sisters and cousins that i'll take the 'paper' together with them.
The best part was,
i DONT HAVE any paper to SHADE my answer on the OAS Paper xP

But, managed to get 8/10 while comparing with them(x

&also finished up doing my IADP - shopping cart.

Wednesday - 20July
Had NetComm lab test
I cant ping pc to switch
nor switch to switch.
Let's hope that i wont fail
or i'll have to work double hard for the paper which falls on 31July.

After which, went to Marina Square to had Seoul Garden.
Together with Liangyi, Eve, Lennie, Clinton, Edwin & Desmond.
Seriously, its an impromptu lunch.

Spent $17.50, even though its student price.
The actual student price is $13.90++

I cant believe im 2nd under - Cant Eat Too/Dont Eat That Much For Buffet
1st is lennie.
Ate from 2plus to 3plus, an hour plus.
Walked around Marina Sqaure.
Shopped in Wastons & bought the following items:

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner

Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder In 830 Light/Medium

After which the guys decided to go over to the Sky Garden to practice their role play for tomorrow's Japan test.
I didn know there's such a place in Suntec
Me, liangyi &eve went over to the far end of the Sky Garden
took lots of photos(x

These are just a part of the 'whole collection'.
We felt bored.
Thus went over to Toy R Us
&took another collection of photos xP

Its fun being with them.
Love you guys much♥

Reached back home sweating like hell.
But overall,
i enjoy my day, today♥

Ending with a quote from Twitter:
RT @TheLovableWords: Life knows how much we can handle. So, if you think you're weak, you are not. Cause problem are for the strong. Giving up is for the weak.


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