May 14, 2011

Have customise a new blogskin for my blog.
Actually my concept was the sky
and the header background colour was sunset
but i cant really find the actual orange-yellow of sunset.
So overall, turns out not bad.

I do have a sense of colour mix&match taste (x
Wednesday was my first ever test for this new sem for year2.
I didn expect myself to actaully finished up within 20mins
but i know, myself, that there's an error but i cant really remember the coding
& i just handed in.
After i ask lennie, & i finally remembered.
Dots, why cant i remember when im still taking the test.

But, its okie.
I know i've done it on my best(:

Lately have been typically been a super WARM.
The highest temperature, so far, was 36degree.
&i guess, beside such HIGH temperature in Singapore
there's actually a lot of natural disaster around the world like floods in america and earthquake in spain.
I guess, suffering under a 'new & high' temperature will not affect us too much
not like the people who're affected by the natural disaster.

I sincerely wish that those people who're affected will live healthy.

& i think this is a super random post.
But i don know what to post besides my current thoughts on the news and all that's happening around me whether is it school or family or life or anything which i wanted to share here, in my blog.

The dateline for Singapore Blog Award 2011 is closing soon.
If you haven sign up/register yet
Here's the link:

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