Mar 26, 2011

Yeaterday was my sister's 16th birthday (yeah, she can watch NC16 movie xP)

Anyway, recently my seconds, minutes, hours, days & weeks had been spent on FMO planning
For those who dont know what's FMO, its a short version for
'Freshmen Orientation'.
& im in the planning stage for FMO.
Its stressful but through this planning stage, i finally knows what 'teamwork' really means.
Without 'teamwork', nothing is to be done within the time frame
Nothing, is being able to hand up on time for the Excos (also known as Seniors) to go through before handing in for the Lecturers (also known as Teachers/the head of the school) to approve BEFORE we can start on preparing for EVERYTHING
Including stage layout, freshmen performance, OGL (a short version for Orientation Group Leader) performance & etc.

Ohh, forgot to tell u guys that there's a total of 6departments in FMO planning.
-> Admin
-> Games
-> Logistics
-> Proposal
-> Publication
-> Finale

Im in the Finale department which is incharge of the stage layout & performance.

& yesterday, or was it Wednesday...
Anyway, this week have been a hectic week i ever had in FMO.
Cause, in another 1&half week's time, its FMO.
So, a lot of things are not done yet
thus, we have to stayed back in school to finish up everything before the dateline
& the datelines were, sometimes, 'unreasonable' to us
but we know that the Excos pushed us to our limits is to let us know that
not only do they have to amend things for us, but also have to get the lecturers approval BEFORE we can start to arrange, decorate & layout everything before FMO which falls on the 6 - 8April(x

& a few pictures to share with u during the FMO planning(x

My FIRST lunchbox xP

Our FINALE team members (still have a few not in)

Signingggggg Offffffffffffffff (x

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