Dec 1, 2010

In real life, people judge you from your actions without knowing the reason behind it.
— Joseph Conrad


Still waiting for my Anthony's music to be transfered by qin(x
But, my timing always didnt hit on th spot
before qin's dad came over to fetch weiwei.

& that's how i missed my chance yesterday.
Not going to miss it today,
but i guess, i will

School's ok, recently.
& test/quiz are 'poping out' everywhere, everytime
with a few weeks notice before the 'date line'
Almost going to finish up Cmaths project & probably ITENG as well.

Think a lot, yesterday,
after 'under-going' Cmaths project,
was thinking, did i play a role as K
as i think it looks similar...
Which is, doing my own part & not discussing with the rest...
(Did i ???)

Not sure,
but through their expression,
i think i must have 'cross over the line'.
Hope that i can try to 'get close to the line' & finish everything
& enjoy the Christmas season with joy(x

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