Nov 6, 2010

Happy Deepavail to all Indians(:
Yesterday was also my grandmother's birthday(:
Went over to YCK, The Grassroot Club to dine in.
(Forgot to capture all the dishes as my phone camera is spolit ): )

Went to dine in Gim Tim.
Have been dining in Gim Tim for like since the past 2years
whenever its my grandmother's birthday.

Reached @ 6plus
& ordered a choice 1: which is for 6persons set meal.

As usual, we had deserts, rice, shark fin soup, & a few new ones which have never seen before.
1 is the peking duck (not sure if i spelt correctly)
1 is the same eatin method as the korean, which is usin a lettuce & covered up with a few fillings & after which you can placed it in your mouth(:

This is quite a short post,
as need to do innovation project homework & the other homework as well(x

"人和人的聚散,像天上的云,像水中的浮萍,时而聚合,时而分离。聚聚合合,是天地之间的神秘。绝大多数人知道个人的渺小,命运无法自己操纵,逐而一切听天由命,于是“随缘” "

From joyce♥♥

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