Jun 30, 2009

Its like so long since i last posted on 140609

Have been busyin doin&finishin up holi homework.
& oso watchin lots of movies...

Watch Nite@ the Museum on 190609
With mel,fengkuan,shanlin & my sis.
Was funny but in e middle @ abit borin.
Almost slpin on his shoulder xP

Nxt watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at E!Hub with ahjie,johnny,hanwei & qin.
Heard tt they book e tickets online,
so e price was 10bucks.
Still i thin its worth it.
As e overall was way dame cool&nice.

Rate : 4.5/5
&there's oso a part which is quite sad.
Better watch it b4 its too late (:

tts all i've gt to post.
Nth much to blog about...

once i was a fool
now im still one.
i cant slip to off my mind
can you pls stay away from me
or vice versa ?!?!
hope that this might be my last time
talkin to you.

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