Jun 12, 2009

Hie back for more posts.
Here's wat happened ytd after a 6days extended holi sch lessons
& i finally cn go out shopping with frens (:

i was for e meetups with samson,andrea & jiaxin.
as was takin care of my baby bro.
He has a fever ):

Thn bused down to tm asap.
Luckily,they went to queue up 1st as e queue was so long
tt i queue all e way almost to Ahjisan (nt sure if i spell correctly)

When mi&samson went to book e tickets to watch angels&demons,
i noe im slow but i've been dyin to it for a mth.
& there's a sign which pissed mi off,
"No student promotion until further notice"
How come i e middle of e june holi they go & ended e student promotion ?!

Nt fair.
Shd have went over to e!hud as heard fr ahjie tt cathy student price is cheaper than gv.

After we bought e tickets,
there's a lucky draw if yu buy <3 tickets.
&samson went to give it try.
Guess wat,he won [x
With a strike label name 'FOX'
Here's e prove.

Isnt it cool (:

My thoughts of show is nt bad
but as a 'half christian' person,
i wan to kill 'dan brown'.
How can he discriminate e catholics like this.
It's so horrible
But e finale was well done (:

After tt,went to eat @ food court cos of my braces.
Actually,andrea wanna eat F&CO.
Sry andrea ):

After tt,went over to T1,tampine 1.
Its my 1st steppin into this new shoppin mall.
e 1st impression was,'it's like taka'

Went to B1 to 'urbanwrite'
E places was so colourful.
Like a rainbow shop.
Here r e tings they sell.

Arent they colourful

& these 2 r my favourite.

Left -> all e diff erent names

Right -> signboards tt yu can place it either @ ur room door or ur shops (:

Tts all for ytd.

Im signin off,

nid to finish up tons of homeworks fr e sch.

& don forget there's a party gng on in the heeren tmr (:

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