Oct 23, 2008

its been so long since i last posted,last time shd e last dae of n ba xP
Dis 2wks happened a lot of tings,
gt: happy,fun,sad,angry,worry & overjoyed tings Cx
Lets c if i cn refresh back or nt.
8-10oct --> stayed @ popo hus.

10oct --> go shopping wif jie,johnny,ziumu & caisheng ,5ofus go watch panited skin xB
so nice lerh movie,shall rated 4.5/5 Cx

11oct --> go malaysia play 1 dae tour,cnt rmb go which part but onli rmb gt go eat fruits & honey too xB

12-16oct --> stayed @ popo hus

14oct --> out wif jie & shuang & caisheng too?
@ least plan to 'pock' ear-hole thn lot adult tel mi don & shuang oso cnt decide so din go 'pock' hole. guai hor xP
instead,go buy his b'dae present which i owe him 1monthplus time xP
@ nite,dine @ hougang mall wif dagu&xiaogu,eat ichiban sushi xP
super nice *thumbs up*

17thoct --> grad. ceremony
borin listenin to e speech whole mornin but onli our class & 4b class thn funniest xD

19oct --> do a few teachin wif qin on her chem,jiayi & daniel teach too xB

20oct --> 1st dae of o lvls.
qin say okie,cn pass.
yl say all on basic & did lots of drawin on covanlet & ionic bondin's.
Hahax,expected de la xD

21-26/27oct --> stayed @ popo hus.

21oct --> dine @ hougang wif dagu&xiaogu,same @ ichiban sushi.
their chicken curry rice nt bad. rate:3.5/5
like their salmon sushi & crabstick sushi e best Cx

22oct,ytd --> went amk hub collect smth.
bused to kovan heartland mall w8 for dagu to finish work.
trained to chinatown to pay smth to sm buz travel shop @ ppl park ar?
eat korean mee,nt bad la but nt spicy enf xP
after eat almond dessert.
yummy,tt stall has e nicest almond dessert i ever like.
will try my best jus to go to chinatown,thn to tt stall to eat e almond dessert again.
e auntie v nice,offend us eat durian puddin or smth?
dagu&xiaogu claim tt its nice but i don eat durian xP
thn they take away 3: 1 for ahma, 1 for ahgong & 1 for xiaogu.
dagu buy mango wif pomelo(don noe whether spell correct or nt) & sago for mi Cx

23oct,ltr --> mayb meet him & gif him his present.
nw onli left wif he owin mi my present xP
hahax,yeah i don owe him anymore xB
but i still gt owe sm other frenz present.
includes : stephaiai
others : ahjie&qin (thinkin), elainemami, jiaxinfren&dianafren (mayb)

Shall end ere.
still thinkin whether shd i meet or nt xP.

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