Oct 6, 2008

Im so sry tts quite a long tyme din blog le.
i gt MINE de okie.
1st : Rite nw is in e middle of my n lvl exam.
2nd : Gt lots of tings to do include help takin care of didi @ nite,for a few mins,hrs.
3rd : Gng out for impt tings include teachin my cousin sci(mayb) & ahyi teachin mi.
4th : Nt much tyme usin com.
5th : Much 'major & minor' stuffs happen, nt gng to state wat happen.
Dis r my reasons.
If don believe,nvm as its my prob la xP
Cnt blog much,nid go study POA, e last & final n lvl paper im takin.
So hope tt will ave sm other tyme to post more esp. post pics which include:
1st - B'dae presents [x
2nd - Memory stuffs (:
3rd - Reflectin tings (:

So, e impt ting yu nid to afford out is : PATIENCE & TIMES xP

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