Aug 1, 2008

Dis 2 daes still gt lots of changes;
Lets start wif ytd ba...xP

I thin e happiest tyme i had shd b durin poa ba...
Actually ytd poa gt open-book test,
But when i 1st preiod bell juz went off,
A teacher w8 outside e class & mrlim(poa cher) say 'do ur test quietly'
& left...
Don reali noe whr he go...

After i finish my test,
Anting,elanieMaMi & stephAiAi playin smth which i person thin of smth e other draw out & another muz guess out wat is e drawin...
I join in too...
So fun la Cx
E most funniest part is when anting ask AiAi to darw a cher
She @ 1st draw a plump india lady;
@ 1st mi & elaineMaMi don noe is guess a cher thn anyhw say 'indian lady; fat indian lady'
Thn after tt,
AiAi draw a bus,a 'ka' & someone runnin,,,
ElaineMami say out e cher name thn 4 of us luagh lyk hell & kanna scolded by e relief cher....
Its so dame funny la xD...

After sch went straight bak hm cuz nth to do;
Thn took a korean drama show cal 'Sassy Girl'...
Dame funny la e show...
But gt 1 part v sad thn started to cry...
But when e sad part over shd b a funny part again
Don noe y i still contd cryin & cryin & cryin...

I told myself: 'is e show so funny tt make mi contd cryin?'
'Or is smth else...?'
'Y cnt i stop cryin neh...?'
Thn i contd cryin for e nxt half an hr...
Rite nw,still nt v sure y i kept cryin but it makes mi feel better after tt C=
Lyk i've juz put down a piece of hard,solid rock...
So refreshin Cx

Cnt go on cuz
Still gt e best part of e show nid watch C=
I don wat doeS e cry stands for...?
but nvm;
at least I feel much beTter le [=
Nw felt much Better lE;
Cn contd do tings hAppily le...
bUt,Still gt a prob i don undErstand...?
FOR waT reason muz i care
care so mucH AbouT it...
i sTill don understand wHat It meaNs
but y...?
lets juz forGet bout it la...
don keep myself so locked up lyk a timid,little child
tts my thot;
so don criticise much bout my thot

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